#1. Last pass

Last pass

So you run numerous sites that even remembering the passwords is a big deal? Relax, this is an all rounded master password management that saves all your passwords. It uses the two way authentication password using google authenticator and the USB vault plus Yubikey. You do not need to carry all the passowords on your head or notebooks. Besides, the app has been made to store documents and also provide a wizard for creation of a strong password so that hackers find it difficult to get control of your sites.

#2. Dashlane


This was founded in 2012 and it has undergone serious developments to ensure that people can use it easily. It auto-fill form has attracted many users and it is now among the top password managers. If you have a hacked account, then you can have the auto-creation of a new password that would ensure that you get your account back even without the new password. To those who use online services for purchases, this software is able to protect all the data to ensure that you have maximum security on every transaction that you make so that no theft cases occur.

#3. Keepass


This is a site where you passwords are accurately and safely store. You don’t have worry about making all your password the same for remembrance. It is good for android, Windows and IOS because it was made to cover all the features available. This is to ensure that there universal use for the product by all people. You can configure passwords with multiple keys depending on how you want them to appear and arranged

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