#1. Download the software to your computer.

First, you have to download the software into your computer or PC. From there, you have to save the software on a drive and not the folders that your files were lost. Run the recover my files option, here, you will get the preview of all the lost files and you will have the advantage of which one to choose and which one to leave. When windows have been re-installed or files have been formatted, this software is normally used to recover the data fully and ensure that it is in the computer.

#2. Choose the best recovering option.

You can also get your data when files have been deleted and passed the recycle bin to areas that cannot be traced again. For you to ensure that you do not lose data, it is good to download and store it in your computer so that if something happens that threatens your data availability, it can be rectified and data restored as it. The software has directions on how to use it and they will appear as options on the screen where you will choose the appropriate one depending on how the data has been lost.

#3. Clear all corrupted files.

Viruses and corrupted files are the major strongholds when it comes to data loss. Even after you recover the data, scan all the documents and clean your computer completely so that you become safe. This way, you would be able to remain sure that the data restored is going to remain safe throughout.

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