#1. GetDataBack Simple V2.02


This is the superfast data recovery software that produces astonishing results within the shortest time possible. With only one click, you can recover your data from the lost archives and forgotten memories of your gadgets. It has the ability to recover data from windows and Linux which are the rated materials that happen to misplace or lose data. It could be due to partitioning, virus attack or software failure, this tool is here to restore everything and make it accessible. It costs $79 and it has a capacity of 5.6MB meaning it’s not going to take much space.

#2. RAID Re-constructor V4.32


Raid can get broken down at any level. This makes drives to be disorganized and it is worse when the user does not know the size or type of the drive. It is therefore difficult for data to be regained back and mostly people end up giving up. This software was designed to analyze and arrange all broken drives like they were before and bring into existence all the lost data. It has the capacity to determine the size of every drive and data. It is sold at $99 and it has 2.4MB only.

#3. Captain Nemo Pro V5.40


Like the name suggests, it’s a captain in restoring the data lost in Novell, NTFS, or Linux EXT2/3/4, or XFS because of its outstanding make. It is the perfect thing in case you have windows gadget that has somehow misbehaved. This is because the software has the ability to read all the broken files and present a duplicate of the data in the same form that it was before. Get it today at only $90 and enjoy its fastest in data recovery. It has a space of only 2.5MB so it won’t take much space.